Rekordbox > Serato... The basic how to? + USB/CDJ merging

Hi there,

I am yet to purchase Rekord Buddy, but before I do I want to ensure my needs are met before the big purchase. I just have two things

For context, I organise all my tracks and cue points etc in Rekordbox, it is my main source of software as I primarily DJ out and about on CDJs, however, when at home, I use Rekordbox DJ (in performance mode) with my DDJ controller to practice sets before use on a CDJ. However! My friends all use Serato, so when it comes to more low key events (after parties at friends etc) it’s important I have all my playlists and tracks Serato ready too.

I found a really useful video on Next Audio’s Vimeo page on how to initialise Rekord Buddy from Rekordbox, so that stage of the process I am 100% confident about. However, there doesn’t seem to be anything, anywhere on the internet explaining the next process AFTER this, in order to get my synced tunes in Record Buddy, into Serato.

So firstly, I’m sure it’s very easy, but please can someone help me on what the steps are for this?

Secondly, I am wondering if anyone who shares the same work flow process (that being, Rekordbox being the primary track organising place, Serato being secondary) could offer me tips on what they do when it comes to making their Serato library portable? It’s all very well syncing everything on my own system so they work across multiple DJ softwares, but what if I want to get this Serato library on a USB and make it portable… Won’t it be linking to my main music library on my home computer?

In short, I’m looking to be able to use the same USB, which all my tracks have been exported from Rekordbox, but also have my Serato playlists linked to this music, however, if it means I have to just have a separate USB which is a Serato one too, I’m fine with that too.

Sorry this is long. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you :smiley:

Hi there!


Regarding the first question: when you first hit sync in 2.0, it pulls your collection from where you initialise from, and writes it to any other active database. This is all part of the same process.

In the stable 2.1 beta, this is slightly different… You basically choose a collection, and whether to import from, or export to.

Regarding your second question… This might be of interest.

Thanks for the reply Astromech,

So after I have synced in 2.0… Are you saying it will just appear on the Serato side panel automatically, like it does with say, iTunes?

It will overwrite any existing track information in the database.

Apologies, I am not extremely tech savvy - I’m not sure what this means. I just need some clarification on what the nexts steps are after I initialise Rekord Buddy from Rekordbox… I just can’t find anything on this anywhere and I want to be very sure, when I purchase this, I’m not going to be struggling to find my playlists, because I have to press some special preferences function in Serato etc. A dummies guide on where I go next, and how I then access my playlists in Serato would be really helpful. If it’s just a case of ‘they all show up on the side panel of Serato when you open it’, then that’s fine, I just need to know. Sorry

When you sync 2.0 for the first time, it will take all the information from the target collection (whichever you choose from Serato, rekordbox, or Traktor) and overwrite any other collections that are detected. rekordbox works a little differently fromt he others as it needs the XML bridge to import/export music. You would export your collection to the XML file at the default location, then when you launch Rekord Buddy, it will detect the file and ask if you want to use it to initialise.

Okay, so if I am right in thinking…
All my tracks are in Rekordbox (that’s my native storage application).
I initialise Rekordbox through Rekord Buddy.
Then I literally don’t need to so anything at all, they will all just appear as crates in Serato?

That’s the system. If you update in rekordbox later you need to re-export the XML.

Thank you for all the help :smiley:

You’re welcome. Glad to help.