Rekordbox --> Serato: Not transferring beat grids on some tracks

Hi. I have many tracks where beat grids are not being transferred from Rekordbox to Serato. Cue points do transfer.

In looking at the XML file, I noticed that the ones that don’t have beat grid transferred tend to have multiple tags. I have no idea why these songs have so many of these tags like this.

Any ideas how to fix? Thanks!

<TRACK TrackID="51038" Name="Motivation (Clean)" Artist="Normani" Composer=""
       Album="Promo Only Mainstream Radio 2019-10" Grouping="" Genre="Pop"
       Kind="MP3 File" Size="7864401" TotalTime="196" DiscNumber="1"
       TrackNumber="2" Year="2019" AverageBpm="85.47" DateAdded="2019-10-12"
       BitRate="320" SampleRate="44100" Comments="12B - Energy 7" PlayCount="0"
       Rating="0" Location="xxx"
       Remixer="" Tonality="12B" Label="" Mix="">
  <TEMPO Inizio="0.097" Bpm="85.47" Metro="4/4" Battito="3"/>
  <TEMPO Inizio="10.626" Bpm="85.47" Metro="4/4" Battito="2"/>
  <TEMPO Inizio="11.329" Bpm="85.47" Metro="4/4" Battito="3"/>
  <TEMPO Inizio="12.030" Bpm="85.47" Metro="4/4" Battito="4"/>
  <TEMPO Inizio="40.109" Bpm="85.47" Metro="4/4" Battito="4"/>
  <TEMPO Inizio="68.188" Bpm="85.47" Metro="4/4" Battito="4"/>
  <TEMPO Inizio="96.969" Bpm="85.47" Metro="4/4" Battito="1"/>
  <TEMPO Inizio="126.452" Bpm="85.47" Metro="4/4" Battito="3"/>
  <TEMPO Inizio="154.531" Bpm="85.47" Metro="4/4" Battito="3"/>
  <TEMPO Inizio="155.234" Bpm="85.47" Metro="4/4" Battito="4"/>
  <TEMPO Inizio="155.935" Bpm="85.47" Metro="4/4" Battito="1"/>
  <TEMPO Inizio="184.014" Bpm="85.47" Metro="4/4" Battito="1"/>
  <POSITION_MARK Name="" Type="0" Start="0.799" Num="-1"/>

Welcome to the forums! Try to remember to post the exact version of Rekord Buddy you are using when asking for help. It’s very useful for me to start figuring out potential issues.

That would be a rekordbox question. Maybe those were analysed in dynamic mode. Hard to say but definitely not something related to Rekord Buddy.

In Rekord Buddy, in the rekordbox section, when you right click on that track and look at the markers in the track info window, do you see a message about the grid not being compatible with Serato?

Hi Damien,

I’m using Rekord Buddy 2.1.40, Rekordbox 5.8.5 and Serato 2.3.5.

The multiple TEMPO tags are indeed being added by Rekordbox even on NORMAL track analysis mode. To test, I deleted the mp3 file from my Rekordbox Catalog, re-added, then re-analyzed the file. It still produced multiple TEMPO tags in the XML file.

This is what I found in Rekord Buddy (Rekordbox section) with the updated XML file.

Found 13 marker(s).

GRID at 0.097 seconds, 85.47 bpm, third downbeat

GRID at 10.626 seconds, 85.47 bpm, second downbeat

GRID at 11.329 seconds, 85.47 bpm, third downbeat

GRID at 12.03 seconds, 85.47 bpm, fourth downbeat

GRID at 40.109 seconds, 85.47 bpm, fourth downbeat

GRID at 68.188 seconds, 85.47 bpm, fourth downbeat

GRID at 96.969 seconds, 85.47 bpm, first downbeat

GRID at 126.452 seconds, 85.47 bpm, third downbeat

GRID at 154.531 seconds, 85.47 bpm, third downbeat

GRID at 155.234 seconds, 85.47 bpm, fourth downbeat

GRID at 155.935 seconds, 85.47 bpm, first downbeat

GRID at 184.014 seconds, 85.47 bpm, first downbeat

CUE at 0.799 seconds

Markers/Grid are not completely compatible with Serato:

Grid markers need to all be on the first down beat

Does not support memory cues (found 1).

There you go. It says so right there :slight_smile:

Just to be clear, this is a Serato ‘feature’ and not something that can be changed by Rekord Buddy.

You can find more info about what is partly supported in the manual.

That sucks (not you or Rekord Buddy). Thanks for looking into this Damien.

They all have their ‘interesting’ features unfortunately…