Rekordbox Mac -> Rekordbox Windows


I’ve searched the forum for this, but I couldn’t find anything…

I’ve not yet purchased Rekordbuddy, but I am wondering if the community could help me:

I am migrating to a Windows 10 machine from Mac (gasp! I know…). Mac has been my main OS for over 10-years, but I have to switch back to Windows for work purposes, and my Mac is getting really old.

I have been using Rekordbox on my Mac for a very long time. The migration of music and database from Mac Rekordbox to Windows Rekordbox is my concern. I’ve searched on the Pioneer site and they do not provide a way to migrate between OS’s. I then found a post on Reddit where they suggested using Rekordbuddy to help with the migration (from Windows to Mac, at least).

I would just like to confirm with the community that this is possible before I make the purchase? Would the entire database be able to be moved from Mac to Windows, with all of the beatgrids, waveforms, cue/loop points, and other metadata? I also have to physically move all of my music to another drive, so could re-targeting drives and paths be easily done?

Thanks for any input!

Hey dude!

I’ve done this a few times.

It’s surprisingly easy…

Hopefully this helps:

Its actually easier now as the the ‘relocate missing files’ feature works a lot better.

If you have any problems, let me know!


Thank you very much for the video link! And it’s straight from Pulse! It looks really straight-forward, much like I was hoping it would be. I do remember reading on the Rekordbox forums that the Windows database and Mac database are incompatible, but I guess they are actually completely compatible with each other.

Thank you again for your help, I really appreciate it.

Haven’t tried this with Rekorbox 6 though!