Rekordbox DB not update

Hello, I’m a new user, perhaps I do something wrong but Rekordbox DB is not update after Sync.
Another problem, when I close the software is still open must force to quit.
Any idea?

Thank you.


My Rekord Buddy Version:
My OS Version:
MAC OS 10.13.6
Steps required to reproduce the problem:
Sync Traktor DB

What I expected to happen:
Sync Traktor DB to Serato and Rekordbox

What actually happens instead:
Sync to Serato OK but nothing for Rekordbox.

Did you check the FAQ or the manual on how to bring changes over to rekordbox? There is an extra step required due to the proprietary rekordbox database.

Thank you for you answer. In fact I had a problem to access the video.
Now it’s OK and I see the process to import in Rekordbox.