Rekordbox Changes not Reflecting

My Rekord Buddy Version:

My OS Version:
Mojave latest
Steps required to reproduce the problem:

rekordbox is my main software. I am adding files to playlist within rekordbox but changes are not appearing in rekord buddy or Serato.

  1. Add track to playlist in rekordbox
  2. Sync in rekord buddy
  3. No changes appearing

What I expected to happen:
Rekordbuddy to see the changes in playlist and then sync to Serato and itself

What actually happens instead:
Changes not showing in rekordbuddy. Tracks added to playlist in rekordbox but not syncing to rekord buddy or Serato

It sounds like you’ve hit a syncing bug. Could you try the stable 2.1 beta and see if that works better for you?

That build allow you to force import and export which seems work better for most people.

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