Rekordbox and Serato library

Hi had already imported my collection to Rekordbox before I had come accross this life saving software so my question is, I want to import my grids etc from Serato so do I have to delete the same collection from Rekordbox first or will cue points grids BPM etc automatically update when I import the xml??

Just want to check before I potentially import duplicates into Rekordbox.


They won’t ‘update’ they will get overwritten. It may mean the same thing to you depending on what you were expecting :slight_smile:

Basically it doesn’t merge anything when you import the changes via the XML. It pretty much deletes the track and then re-imports it.

Keep in mind the current bug in rekordbox when importing from XML, there’s a warning about it at the end of this section of the manual.

Great that’s clear to me, noted on the section re playlists, don’t intend to do that, I just want the library to have the same cues and beat grids being used.

Thanks a lot

tried to drag over from serato to Rekordbox and can’t see a progress bar, does this take a while (have approx 1800 track’s)


ignore it was user error!"!

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As a rule, always try to do a few tracks or a singe playlist first before doing an entire collection. That way you can make sure you understand the process and that everything works before starting a potential long copy if your collection is large.