Rekordbox 6 and Engine Prime

I had a chance to play on Prime Gear again this past weekend. I was able to use my thumb drive Exported from Rekordbox 6 with cue points, playlists, tags, etcetera on the Denon Prime SC6000’s. So, I got curious and synced my playlists from The thumb drive to my Engine Prime software on the laptop.

It’s a long workaround, but it’s a way to go from RB6 to Engine. It makes me wonder, is Engine on the current Rekordbuddy roadmap?

I had this initial thought with Rekordbox / Engine Prime. However, from what I remember when you transfer from USB to Engine Prime it is a one time transfer. This meaning that if you make any changes in Rekordbox and try and sync again they won’t update. Once they are in the EP collection they can only be edited in there. They don’t ‘sync’ as such, they just transfer.

Does that make sense?

I also believe that EP support will come at some point on the 2.2 beta

True, but you can delete the Engine Prime database, then export from Rekordbox again and re-import.

Engine support is about to make it into the 2.2 beta. FINALLY! :slight_smile:


I’m extremely excited about this! Especially As I’ve been studying the ‘leaked’ CDJ 3000 and it looks incredibly disappointing!