Rekordbox 6.0 for Import Only?

Hi Damien,

I’ve read and understand your various posts on the difficulties around Rekordbox 6.0 compatability.

My workflow means Rekordbox is the final step and will only ever be an import (I’ll never need to move items FROM rekordbox to another software). I’d use Rekord Buddy’s functionality moving between iTunes and Traktor, but I’d then ultimately like to move tracks from Traktor into Rekordbox.

Would Rekord Buddy work in this instance? Rekordbox 6.0 is largely the same process for importing playlists via an .xml, which is what prompted by question.

Many thanks,


For importing only, this would work fine. The only think to keep in mind is that they still haven’t fixed the import bug that started in rekordbox 5.6.1.

I’ve made your post public because it’s a very good question that could be useful to other people.