Rekordbox 5.8.5 to Traktor 3.3 Windows 10

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This is my first post, so not 100% sure I’m posting in the correct section, but if not, please let me know where to post for next time.

Okay, I’m having a few issues migrating my collection from Rekordbox 5.8.5 to Traktor Pro 3.3 on a Windows 10 machine. As it stands, I have followed the instructions on exporting track data (Grids & Cues) to a .xml file which I have saved on my desktop. Checking the exported .xml file all data appears correct. After dragging the file into the Rekordbox hierarchy withing the Rekordbuddy GUI, I see that the tracklist is populated. The first issue I experience at this step is when trying to view the imported file locations for each track. When scrolling to the file location column, the scroll seems to want to reset to the left making it impossible to view the file location. Also, when I highlight a track and right-click on it to try and view the file location from here, I am unable to select any of the data tabs in the dialogue box making it impossible to check the file location from here also. Taking a punt that the imported file locations are correct, I next dragged the Rekordbox collection into the Traktor hierarchy, thus populating Traktor, however, when I open Traktor, I am unable to play any of the tracks and receive a message from Traktor when adding the track to a deck stating that none of the imported tracks can be played due to being missing or corrupted. As such, I checked the file locations within Traktor and note that the root directory has been changed from C:/Users/My_Name* to Windows/Users/My_Name*. Following this, I next tried to relocate the missing tracks by updating the file paths within Traktor, but note that whilst I do have transferred que points, all of the grids are incorrect. :frowning: Any help would be gratefully received :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums. You had it pretty much correct, I only moved the post to the public beta section since I’m assuming you are referring to the 2.2 beta. Can you tell me the exact version number you’re currently using?

I can take a look at the UI issues, it’s not something that’s been focused on just yet so I’m sure there are some problems.

Your other issue seems to be an incorrect path translation. Can you zip up and DM an exported XML file from rekordbox so I can try and reproduce this here? You can use a file sharing service like sendspace and just DM me the link on the forums.

Hi Damien, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. In relation to the UI issues, I sussed the issue with the scrolling. It was being caused by my IR mouse that had fallen out of my laptop bag and switched itself on :joy: I will DM you the .xml file now.

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I’m looking at your files now to trying reproduce the problem.

So, I think the path is correct but I’m not dealing with it correctly. I’ll ask you for a few more questions over DM since this may include private information.