Rekordbox 2 Serato and no tracks in destination playlists

My Rekord Buddy Version: 2.1.13

My OS Version: 10.15.1

Steps required to reproduce the problem:

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What I expected to happen:

What actually happens instead:

well not sure if I am doing something wrong, I have an external hd which has a rekordbox backup on it - exporter xml, dropped in in rekordbuddy (like described in the manual) then drag and drop it from there to Serato, playlist shows up there but tracks are not to be found (missing)

something wrong with my workflow ?

thx for help

Do you get a message telling you that the tracks are not on the same volume as the Serato collection?

yes mate I did get this message

That’s your answer right there.

Rekord Buddy, like Serato, requires the tracks to be on the same volume as the collection.

Check the manual on how to create a new Rekord Buddy collection on the external drive. You can then drag those tracks onto that collection.

Ok fine mate, I’ll take a look, but what I can not find in the manual is how to rest database, which if my memory does not fail me happened earlier pressing alt key and starting the app. But that for sure does not work anymore mate. Can u point me in the right direction pls?

Sure thing. Check out the Getting Started section in the manual. There is an entry called Resetting Rekord Buddy.

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