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Hi guys,

On your website it said system requirements MacOS 10.10, so I bought RekordBuddy as I have MacOS 10.11. Unfortunately, while installing I get the error that I need 10.12. However, I cannot upgrade higher than 10.11 due to an older macbook.

Instead of a refund, may I ask whether it is feasible to share an older version that supports 10.11? Would that work? I would really appreciate syncing my traktor pro 2 collection to rekordbox at this point, as I am not really looking in upgrading my macbook the next 1 or 2 years.

Thank you for your support,

Unfortunately 10.12 is the lowest we can go right now due to third party software we use (namely the Qt framework) in Rekord Buddy. It’s about to go up to 10.13 too in order to support the Apple Music app.

I’ll gladly offer a refund though if that’s the only option. Where did you see 10.10 on the website? It’s a typo.

Hi Damien,

Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunate but I understand completely. I will opt for the refund then. Which details who you need to perform the refund? My proof of payment and my bank account number?

The 10.10 version required is mentioned on a few pages of the website itself, as well as via Google Search (please refer to the printscreens attached).

Thank you for your support,

Thanks for the links. I’ll update the site and process your refund. I don’t need any more info from you.

I processed your refund. Sorry I took so long.

So there is no support for OSX ver. 10.11 or below? So us user of older MBP’s are out of luck?

Unfortunately yes. It’s just too much work to keep the codebase compiling on all the older OSes especially 4-5 years old.

One thing that I plan on doing, starting with 2.1, is to introduce LTS releases (long term support) for subscribers. So for example, if 2.2 only works on 10.13, then 2.1 will become an LTS release and will still be supported on 10.12 for a couple of years.

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