Rekord buddy to Rekordbox question

My Rekord Buddy Version:
2.0 .22(217)
My OS Version:
Steps required to reproduce the problem:

imported files from Serato successfully

Now I need to copy My SERATO database files OR is it my REKORD BUDDY files(?) into REKORD BUDDY?
What I want to do is to have REKORD BUDDY IMPORT all my HOT CUES FROM SERATO into REKORD BUDDY then be able to See the CUES in REKORDBOX and able to export PLAYLISTS to a usb stick TO USE WITH CDJ 2000 NEXUS.

You’ll need to import the XML into your rekordbox main collection.

Here’s the FAQ with a video explaining.

The problem is the following, in the video I create a new playlist ( with the letter D in the title) I see the new list in rekord buddy but when I open rekordbox I do NOT see that list but I do see all my old ones. I did refresh a couple of times but I still do not see the list I just created. I double checked nd the file is reading the rekordbox.xml file ???

Do you see the new playlist in under the rekordbox xml section in rekorbdox?

Found out what t was, I had Rekord Buddy on My Desktop pointing to a back up folder of rekordbox, On my laptop it works fine. I got it now thx guys. R