Rekord Buddy, the new subscription plan and updates

Rekord Buddy Beta v2.1.0 build 529:

Mac OS Sierra 10.12.5:

This is more of a question to Damien and the team, than an actual issue I’m experiencing.

I understand that I’m using quite an old build of the software right now, but for me it has been working perfectly for my needs, and I’m reluctant to update. I bought a MacBook specifically to use this software. Will the new subscription plan force me to update the software, or can I continue to use it as normal?

I made a FAQ entry recently to answer most of the question people had with this.

Basically, non-subscribers will have updates until Sept 2020. After that you will still be able to use the last build posted before that date but it won’t be supported anymore. To get updates and support, you’ll need to switch to a subscription which you’ll be able to do for the same price as any subscription renewal (so exactly the same as if you were renewing a subscription).

Hi Damien. I completely missed the FAQ post. Thank you for your response.

Glad to hear I won’t be locked out of using the software altogether if I don’t subscribe (at least not until September 2021).

I’ll be sticking with my current version for now, but I may be interested in subscribing once an eventual Windows version is released. :blush:

Thank you for all your work. It’s made maintaining a Serato and rekordbox library so much easier for me :clap:

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I tried to make the solution as fair as possible for everyone. I think a year is a good compromise.

So this means we Can get free Updates for 2,1 until Sept 2021 ?

No, Sept 2020. One year from when the subscription system started. Read the FAQ entry I linked to above, I think it covers everything in details.

Fair to me damien

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I appreciate it @djxandertangel.

I’ve made and will continue to make decisions that will not please everyone but I will always try to be fair.

Any idea When 2.1 is ready?

We are very close. This week or next I would say.

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Awesome cant wait for the drag and drop Feature

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