Rekord Buddy only importing the first 3 Loops & Cues?

My Rekord Buddy Version:
2.0.22 (217)
My OS Version:
10.13.6 High Sierra
Steps required to reproduce the problem:

  1. Import tracks from Traktor into Rekordbox
  2. Observe that only the first three CUE points or Loops are ever found in Rekordbox versions of the files
  3. Write to Next Audio Labs forum for help

What I expected to happen:
All Loops & CUE points from Traktor files would be preserved
What actually happens instead:
Only the first three appear

In addition, I get the following error in Rekordbox. Even when I press “Don’t show again” this error pops up every time I relaunch Rekordbox.

_"This track already exists in the current collection _
Do you want to load information in the tag of the library being imported

Beat Grid and Key information will not be loaded if the track is set locked out against analyzing"

Have you made sure to set it to export 8 cues in the rekordbox tab of the preferences?

Regarding this, it’s not an error. It’s a warning that rekordbox gives you meaning that the data you are importing will overwrite an existing track. This is what you want so you should alway say yes to this when importing changes.

This is described in the manual and in this tutorial.

OK, I will read it. you were definitely right bout the 3 loop limit, described as “hot cues”, in the Rekorbox preference dialog. I didn’t change anything in Rekordbox preference because I though that Traktor was the only one of interest given this was a one-way sync Trakor to Rekordbox.

I’m so excited this is working. I will promote the software on Passionate DJ Podcast ( & ) because it’s never come up in conversation there. I know that community will love it!

Glad you got it sorted out. I’m hard at work on version 2.1 which will be even better!