Rekord Buddy not updating Rekordbox .XML

Beta 2.1.0
Mac OS High Sierra

Steps required to reproduce the problem:

  1. Initialize from Serato
  2. Right click on “Playlists” in Rekordbox XML browser on left side and import playlists
  3. Right click on “All tracks” in Rekordbox XML browser on left side and import all tracks
  4. Nothing changes in “Collection” or “Playlists”

I expect all playlists and tracks to reflect in “Collection” and “Playlists” but nothing refreshes.

I deleted all tracks that I had in Rekordbox and deleted my .xml file for Rekordbox to start fresh and now I still can’t sync or see files updated in Rekordbox from what I have in Rekordbuddy.


Hi. Did you see a progress bar counting down the tracks you are importing, or does it just instantly happen?

Have you made sure to export to rekordbox in the Rekord Buddy 2.1 sync window?

Actually after I posted this I had never chosen to “export” to Rekordbox. I’m trying that now. It did crash on the first attempt so I’m attempting again. I’ll post if I get it this time

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