REKORD BUDDY imports Traktor Playlists with different keys

Hello, I used REKORD BUDDY successfully for the last 2 years then I updated it and now, when I Sync with Traktor (that is “Import all from Traktor”) it imports the playlists and BPM correctly but with different KEY than it was analyzed in TRAKTOR. Subsequently, of course, when I export everything to REKORDBOX, the same keys different from the ones in TRAKTOR appear. I want to keep the KEYS as analyzed in TRAKTOR. I attached screenshots of the same playlist in TRAKTOR, REKORD BUDDY and REKORD BOX. Why does Rekordbuddy change the KEY when importing from TRAKTOR?

Hello, Sorry, only now I realized that TRAKTOR uses Open Key notation and Rekord Buddy uses Camelot so that’s where the trouble is coming from (I didn’t knew there were two types of alphanumeric notations) . The trouble is, even if I choose from Settings/Preferences/ key notation/ Open Key it still shows Camelot. And even worse, I tried “Musical” and it did change to musical indeed but now it won’t go back neither to Camelot nor Open Key. I tried several times, even closed it and restarted the computer. Screenshot attached.

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You seem to be posting about version 2.0 of Rekord Buddy which is no longer supported. 2.0 would convert all the key to the notation in the preferences when reading from a program.

The new version 2.1 will only convert keys when writing to another program. So importing your Traktor keys would stay in OpenKey if reading from Traktor’s Key value or to whatever the value is if reading from the key text field as long as you are copying the track to Rekord Buddy. If you copy it to another program, it will then be converted to the notation you selected in the preferences.

Thank you, got it!

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