Rekord Buddy for Traktor/iTunes DJ only

I just found/bought/tested Rekord Buddy and want to use this as a replacement for iTunes. Features were not too easily available when I was investigating, but as I understood/got the impression of I would be able to use RB2 as my main library management tool instead of iTunes.

My questions:

  1. I am not seeing my Rekord Buddy 2 playlists in Traktor or changes/filters applied to playlists imported from Traktor, even after syncing.
  2. I have a lot of (smart) playlists in iTunes, but it seems RB2 is not connected in any way to iTunes, so I need to rebuild the playlists in RB2.

Is RB2 maybe not suitable as a Library Management software for my use?

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  1. Have you protected your Traktor database in the Rekord Buddy 2 preferences? That will stop anything from changing.

  2. Rekord Buddy 2 doesn’t currently support iTunes, so you will need to import them into your chosen software’s library to have them sync.

  1. I have turned off protection of the Traktor database
  2. Most my playlists are mostly smart playlists that I will need to recreate

If you have a custom location for your Traktor collection, you might need to reset Rekord Buddy 2 and use the preferences to navigate to it.

If you’re still having trouble, it might be worth raising a ticket by emailing the support link.

Thanks, that seems to have done the trick.
I honestly thought my collection was in the default location (Documents/Native Instruments/Traktor 2.11.2/)

Now I’ll check this out for my use :slight_smile:

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This fix is fine as a stopgap measure but don’t forget that if you install a new version of Traktor that location can change and if you hardcode a location in Rekord Buddy, it won’t try to change with it in that case so I’d like to find out why the default location is incorrect for you.

The location seems like it is the default but somehow you may have another folder in there that Rekord Buddy thinks is your latest one. What folders do you have in Documents/Native Instruments/?

The same folder also has:
Kontakt 6
Maschine 2
Solid Bus Comp
Traktor 2.11.2
User Content

In addition a few backup copies of $COLLECTION_XXX.nml and a collectrion.nml in the Native Instruments folder, but none of them has recently been modified.

And you never set up a custom Traktor folder before that? That’s odd.

I honestly don’t think so.
I do keep my music collection on a separate disk, but my colllection.nml has always been in the traktor folder i believe.

Then something made it find the wrong folder in the first place for some reason.

If you’re interested contact me via support and we can try and reproduce the problem (reset Rekord Buddy) so that I can try and fix it. That could be part of the bug bounty program which gives you back a partial refund if I can fix the issue.

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