Rekord Buddy finding files PROBLEM

I have a scenario here which I will try to explain, my main computer ( call it main 1 has my rekordbox database on it) its in a dropbox folder on the main drive. AS you know in RB6 I can access the database from any external computer that has rekordbox.

When I use Serato ( sometimes I cannot use Rekordbox so I have a Serato database on an EXTERNAL drive that I carry and plug into my MacBook Pro when I play out.

In RB5 I had both databases on the same external drive so using Rekord Buddy worked fine as I would copy all new files from either Serato to Rekordbox playlist or in reverse. But now with rekordbox 6 I followed instructions and exported the Rekord Box .xml file to my main drive and I see it displays all my Rekordbox playlists in RekordBuddy. But when I go to drag a playlist from RB in Rekord Buddy to Serato In Rekord Buddy I get a message that Serato does not support files in multiple places so when I Ok it nothing copies, follow?

So my instinct told me to copy the rekordbox 6 Dropbox folder to my EXTERNAL drive so now both Serato and RB6 files would be on the EXTERNAL drive. Tried to copy like first time and got same message. Any help as I think I’m doing something wrong???

Ok after messing around I see I partially solved the problem.

Serato, Rekordbox and Rekord Buddy ALL need to be on the same volume. But as I explained in the previous post.

I ONLY use RekordBox on my main Mac DESKTOP IN MY STUDIO for streaming
I ONLY use Serato on my MacBook Pro when I play using a Serato based controller

I have rekordBuddy Serato and rekordBox on my macBook Pro
BUT THE databases are on an EXTERNAL DRIVE

Correct me if I’m wrong but I cannot put Serato and RekordBox apps on my EXTERNAL drive on my macBook Pro. Before RB6 I was able to have ONLY the rekordbox database AND the Serato database on my external and I was fine.

Anyway around so I can use my external drive for Serato RekordBox and Rekord Buddy?



WOW nobody? Let me try again, how can I use RekordBuddy to copy tracks from RekordBox 6 to Serato.

Rekordbox 6 dropbox files ( copy) is on a DESKTOP
Serato database is on an EXTERNAL drive . SeratoRBuddyError