Rekord buddy crash when draging playlist

**My Rekord Buddy Version: rekord buddy 2

**My OS Version: hugh sierra 10.13

Steps required to reproduce the problem:

  1. software keeps crushing
  2. every time i try copy playlist i get an error and software crush
  3. asking me for serial every lanch

**What I expected to happen refund please

What actually happens instead:

A few things so I can help you better.

  • Try to name your topic something meaningful, as in describe what you are doing when you get the issue. That way others can find similar issues quickly.
  • Before posting, make sure that a topic on the same issue doesn’t already exists. If it does, post a reply in that topic instead of opening a new topic.
  • Rekord buddy 2 is not the version number unfortunately, it’s the app name. The version should be something like 2.1.10(668).
  • I’m not sure what ‘crushing’ means. Are you getting a crash or a ‘Something wonderful…’ dialog?
  • When you say you copy a playlist, where are you copying from? Where are you copying to?


i just want to cancel my subscription and get a refund please

I’ll be happy to offer a refund if I can’t fix your issue.

Can you help me with making sure you are using the latest version of the app (let me know the version number) and what is the current issue you are facing? (a lot of the things in your original message should be fixed now).

Damien please the software is given me alot of problems, it keep on crashing, songs that i transfer from traktor to rekordbox glitching cdj in the middle of party -_-
please cancel my subscription and refund my money, i really dont have the time or money to handle this
thank you

I’ll be happy to give you a refund if I can’t fix your problem.

The report I got from you came from versions 2.1.12. Have you updated to a more recent version since? You can find the latest download in your account under ‘Previous Purchases’.

i am sorry but i am not taking my chances again
i got cdj glitched in the middle of a party!!
not interested in software

Rekord Buddy doesn’t write to the USBs or even to the rekordbox collection itself (it goes thru an XML bridge file) so there’s no way that something like that would cause a glitch on a CDJ.

Because some people have lied in order to use Rekord Buddy once and get a refund, I put together the refund policy that everyone has to agree to before buying the app.

I think it’s more than fair. If you have a real problem that I can’t fix, I always provide a refund. But of you just have buyer’s remorse and can’t show me something that really doesn’t work then that’s a different issue.

Hope this helps. I’m looking forward to helping you out.

Demian please, i have no intrest in the software

update please?

My update is still the same.

In accordance with the refund policy that you agreed to when you purchased the app, I will be happy to issue a refund if I’m unable to fix the issue that you are encountering.

Just changing your mind on the purchase is not covered by the refund policy due to people using this in the past to convert their collections once and then ask for a refund.

so i have only one request, please cancel my suscription so i wont get charge next year

thank you for your time Demian, wishing you all the best.

and you can reuse my serial

Your subscription is cancelled.

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