Rekord Buddy crash when deleting tracks in rekordbox.xml

Hi Damien,
after deleting duplicates in the rekordbox.xml section in Rekord Buddy 2.1.20, the software crashes when saving the changes.
Re-exporting the xml, as you descirbed in the other thread, did not help ( 2.1.8 crashes when drag & drop AND overwrites tracks in playlists ).

There is definitely something wrong with these duplicates in the first place.

Do you have a sample XML file you could share with me (via DM) so I can investigate on my end?

So I noticed that your collection has some tracks with the username jens but the doubles have the username Jens in the path. I think that’s part of the issue. Now we have to figure out how his happened.

Three things:

  • Is you username with the capital letter J or is it all lowercase?
  • How do you get the crash when saving? Do you delete tracks from a playlist or from All Tracks? Then save? If you can give me exact steps that would be great. I can’t get mine to crash.
  • Can you zip up and DM me your collection.nml from Traktor? I’d like to check if I’m handling the path correctly.
  1. If you refer to the Mac user name and thus the folder path name, it’s jens
  2. The steps: open Rekord Buddy - open rekordbox in the left cloumn - choose All Tracks - delete one or more tracks - close Rekord Buddy - confirm to save changes in pop-up - crash
  3. I’ll drop you the collection.nml via DM

Thanks again for taking care!

I have a build 2.1.22 which will get rid of the duplicates automatically. I can’t replicate the crash when saving but I’ll keep looking into it if you still see it in the new build.

I’m sorry to tell that I got new issues with 2.1.22:
1.In Rekord Buddy the Traktor collection shows 1591 tracks, the rekordbox collection 1824 including duplicates
2. I drag and drop the Traktor collection to Rekordbox
3. Collections are equal with 1591 tracks
4. I close Rekord Buddy and save changes
5. Opening Rekordbox, the rekordbox.xml shows 3415 tracks, some even duplicated by three
6. Opening Rekord Buddy again and choosing rekordbox in the left column a message pops up:
Looks like this collection contained some corrupted data. This has been fixed and will be saved if you choose to do so when yo exit the app.
7. Rekordbox collection shows 1824 tracks again.
These steps are repetitive.
Maybe I am doing something wrong? Hope you can help me out again!
Let me know if I should open a new thread for that.
Thanks, Jens

It looks like the duplication bug is still there. It’s good of it’s repetitive, that means it should be easier to replicate for me. I’m going to spend the next hour trying to replicate and I’ll report back here.

@sonas when you do diskutil info / from a terminal window, what does the line for File System Personality: say?

I want to check if your filesystem is case sensitive or not.

Also, If you pick a track that ends up duplicated, after relaunching Rekord Buddy so the duplicates are removed, what happens if you just drag that one track over from Traktor to rekordbox? Does that creat a duplicate or only when you drag the entire collection?

The File System Personality says: APFS

Regarding the workflow you are asking for, I’m not sure if I got it right. The
duplicates are always already shown in the rekordbox folder, when launching Rekord Buddy. They are removed after drag and drop of the whole Traktor collection but are back after I save and open Rekord Buddy.
When I just drag and drop one duplicated track from Traktor collection to Rekordbox collection, as you say, it does not remove the duplicate. But I do not get the message “Looks like this collection contained some corrupted data…” when reopening the Rekordbox collection after that any more. This one only shows up when I drag and drop the whole collection.

Fixed in 2.1.23 :slight_smile:

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Great work!
Looks like its running stable now, thanks for your effort!

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Thank you for your help!

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