Rekord Buddy and?

Your transparency is great but I am waiting on the windows version!! I have been waiting quite sometime now. It seems like you need to hire some helping hands or something to get this on the right track. You have a “much sought after” software but it is unavailable! It seems as if you are spending quite a bit of time working out the bugs and kinks etc on the mac software so the win platform is getting no attention. Again, I appreciate your transparency and honesty about where you are with the software but I really hope you can get some help or something to get this product launched before someone beats you to it!!

Good Luck!

First welcome to the forum and thanks for giving me the change to clarify a few things.

I did have someone helping out with the Windows version up until recently but I am now back to working solo for a couple of reasons. First, good programmers cost money. And if you want someone who will do a good job, that’s a lot of money. Rekord Buddy is my job. I don’t have any other source of income so I have to be careful with how I spend the money I receive from the app. For a while I was able to not take any salary and therefore hire someone else but this is no longer possible.

Second reason is that, there is no longer a Windows version and a macOS version. The code is the same for both versions so whatever changes/fixes I make on one automatically is available on the other. My main goal recently was to get the new beta feature complete so that everything that I wanted to be in, was in, so that I could then focus on getting the Windows build available to you guys. What that requires is not coding work specific to Windows (remember there is only one version now) but rather to put together all the scripts that sign the application, produce an installer, etc… This is what I’ve been doing since last week and it’s going well.

I will post some updates in the Windows thread this week.

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