Rekord Buddy and Virtual DJ

Hello every1 and have a happy new year.
I am Spiros from Greece
I am now using Virtual DJ 8.3 and i am thinking to switch to Serato DJ Pro.
Of course my main issue is how not to loose all the hot cues i have right now at Virtual DJ.
Does your programm support that kind of feature??? Changing from Virtual DJ to Serato???
If yes how will the import of folders work??? I have an external HD that i have my music folders there that i am using at Virtual DJ.

Thanks a lot in advance ,
Waiting for your reply in order to see if i wll proceed to purchase.

Have a happy new year :slight_smile:

Happy New Year!

Rekord Buddy doesn’t support Virtual DJ yet but it should later this year.

Once it’s added, it should appear in the sidebar like any other collections. Keep an eye on the beta announcements if you want to try it ahead of the final release.

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