Rekord Buddy and rekordbox 6 - 🚫 Do NOT upgrade for now 🚫

You have a right to get a copy if you request it. I’m not a lawyer but my understanding of this is that it doesn’t mean anyone is obligated to provide access at all times and there is no guarantee that the program’s database would be considered personal data in court.

Reverse engineering, on the other hand, is illegal in many countries including the US under DMCA laws so I can’t host links to stuff like this here :slight_smile:

Now, it’s important to understand that I’m not taking sides here or expressing an opinion on how fair either of those things are. I’ve always done things by the book with Rekord Buddy and so my first reaction is to make we stay within the law here. I hope you guys understand.

In the meantime and until we find a solution to this, everyone should make sure you export you either stick with 5.8.x or that you export a final XML copy of your rekordbox collection as a backup before you ‘upgrade’ to rekordbox 6.

I will post more news here as I get them.

I’m moving back to Traktor. This is the final straw for me.

Thanks for all your help over the years.

@MiQ You’re welcome. Keep an eye on here though. Like I said I will update with any news I have regarding this.

Hi Damien,

This is a discussible topic indeed.

But this case is for sure covered as well by the European Vendor Lock-in regulations:

“To eliminate vendor lock-in practices, the Regulation provides for and encourages the development of codes of conduct for service providers. With these codes of conduct, consumers should be able to switch to other service providers more easily.”

@dj_estrela Like I said, I’m not making a personal statement on what I think is fair or not but I’m well aware of the law in both the US and the EU. Trust me, it is more complex than this.

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So is it safe to do an xml import on rekordbox 6 as you only mention export not working?

@jimmyjamesh I believe it is although 1) I haven’t tested it yet. 2) It sounds like the import bug of nut updating track metadata is still there since 5.6.1.

After the initial library conversion RB6 does from RB5 I have imported from rekordbox xml and tested a single small playlist. (I use traktor as my source collection)

That small playlist came across fine with new tracks all cue points etc.

I’m too scared to do right click import all playlists though as I have a 4000 track collection.

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OK so I was feeling brave (lockdown bored) and just did a full xml import on rekordbox 6 and all seems to work fine for me. (I did a collection backup first in case from RB6)

Will make maintaining rekordbox 5.8 and 6.0 easier moving forward as I am too tight to pay monthly for DVS and RMX FX that I had paid for in full on RB 5.

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Thanks for this, was wondering today why I was trying to drag the rekordbox xml file onto my collection and it wouldn’t let me do it! Uninstalled rekordbox 6 and 5.8 and installed 5.6 and it worked like a charm!:+1:

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Any comments Damien?

You are very quiet on this :grinning:

I don’t have much more to say at this time to be honest. If you want to continue exporting out of rekordbox then it’s better to stay in 5.8 for now.

As things evolve I’ll post here for sure and update everyone.

No need mate. Already sold my RX2 on eBay. Back to Traktor for me. Cannot tolerate Pioneer’s ways any more.


I love Traktor. That’s my go to setup both mobile and in the studio.

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For info, 5.0 downloads are still currently available on Pioneer’s website.

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Rekordcloud and Mixmaster G have cracked the rekordbox 6 xml export, where is rekordbuddy on this?

Hello, I’ve just bought Rekord Buddy and I was already using Rekordbox 6, and made quite a lot of cue points already. I just installed Rekordbox 5 after reading this topic, but am looking for a way to import my R6 data to R5, any solution?

Not at this time but I hear they are working on something.

Hi all, good news. Pioneer added the XML export function again in Rekordbox 6.3.