Rekord Buddy (649) crashes when dropping playlists in Traktor library

Traktor, Serato, Rekordbox and iTunes libraries are on an external drive. When I drop a playlist from one of the libraries on the external drives, it works. But if I drop a playlist from the local Serato library or the Rekord Buddy library (which is also local I guess), then it crashes Rekord Buddy.

MacBook Air with 10.14.6
Rekord buddy Beta 649
Serato DJ Pro 2.2.3
Rekordbox 5.7
Traktor 3.2

As long as you restart the app I will get the crashes and I can take a look.

I already did that many times… didn’t you receive the crashes logs ?? (I didn’t do anything else special, so I guess they are sent to you automatically ?)

So I added my rekordbox as per your explanation in my support question, and it worked well. Then I tried to drop a playlist from my rekordbox library to the Traktor and it crashed.

Since the rekordbox.xml library is local on my computer HD and so is the Serato library that makes Rekord buddy crash. And when I drop from my external drive libraires within them without crashing, could it be possible that the problem is due to a conflict between local and external drive libraries ??

Could you zip up both your Traktor collection.nml and a fresh rekordbox XML exported from rekordbox and DM is to me via something like send space or something?

I can’t reproduce your issue but I’m hoping that with your collections I’ll be able to.

Also let me know what track or playlist you are dragging when this happens.


I don’t know if it is related, but I just created a Rekord Buddy Library on my external drive (as per your answer to my support question) and when I tried to drop my rekordbox library on it, it crashed Rekord Buddy. (so you should have received a crash log a few minutes ago). Anyway, I will send you both libraries as you requested and maybe you will be able to see what is happening.

Probably related. Thanks for sending!

Can you try to repro the problem with the latest bets (650). Should still crash but the crash info will be a lot better on my end. We should find that bug!

I just did that. Droping from local Serato to Traktor and Crashed. Dropped remote rekordbox library to remote Rekord Buddy library and crashed.

Hope it helps !!

Can you try again with (651) when you get a chance?

the dmg package seems to be corrupt, I cannot open it to install the latest version

Can you try (656)?

I did try a few transfer to Traktor with some crashes… you should get the reports. I also did drop my rekordbox library on the Rekord Buddy Library and it also crashed. Let me know if you need some more tests done.

I have a new build that will provide me with more info. The new issue reporting system is awesome for that.

Keep on making the issue happen if you can and I will get the info I need, without needing to try and replicate the issue here which should make the fix much easier.

V2.1 (658)

Here is the list of what I tried:

Drop rekordbox (external drive) library to Rekord Buddy library (external)-> Worked !!! (With files that were not copied)
Drop local Serato Playlist to Traktor (external) -> didn’t crash although didn’t copy tracks (which is expected, but before, it would crash the app!!)
Drop external Serato playlist to Traktor (external) -> worked
Drop external rekordbox playlist to Traktor (external) -> worked
Drop Rekord Buddy playlist (external) to Traktor (external) -> worked
Drop iTunes playlist (external) to Traktor (external) -> worked
Drop rekordbox (external drive) library to Traktor library (external)-> crashed !!!

So good job !!! Only one crash to be fixed !!!

I got your issue logged and sent you a DM. Try to reset your Rekord Buddy database, it could be an old corruption bug that I fixed but that requires the reset to remove old corrupted data.

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