Rekord Buddy 2.1beta (623) is available. 🎉

Rekord Buddy 2.1beta (623) is available for download.

Like the one before, the new beta is available for download here. You can just overwrite the previous build with this one.

Before you rush to get your hands on it, keep in mind the following:

  • :bangbang: This is macOS only at the moment.
  • :bangbang: It’s a very very early beta, things may not work at all. That’s the point of the beta, finding issues and problems.
  • :bangbang: Don’t report problems that are in the known issues below.
  • :bangbang: If you find a problem, post about it in this section of the forums (public beta), put the version number in the topic name and explain how you triggered the problem. One topic per issue please. If you have a similar issue as someone else, post in their thread and say ‘me too’!
  • :bangbang: If you have an opened issue, please try this build and update your issue to let me know if it is still happening or not.
  • :bangbang: I may not be able to fix your issue right away. Don’t be mad.

Fixed since the last release:

  • :white_check_mark: Made the use of ‘hotcues’ as a name consistent.
  • :white_check_mark: Fixed an issue with Traktor filenames that contain un-normalized UTF8.
  • :white_check_mark: Fixed 14 days grace period not working when auth couldn’t be downloaded.
  • :white_check_mark: User preferences are now read from the volume the collection is on.

Known issues:

  • :x: This only works with tracks located on your home drive right now.
  • :x: Preferences are NOT all working right now.
  • :x: Grouping, Record Label and mix name may not import correctly.
  • :x: Extracting the update from the app updates seems to fail right now.

What you should focus on testing for this release:

  • :eyes: Drag and dropping tracks/playlist or folders between collections.
  • :eyes: Do the tracks/playlist or folders get copied correctly in the other collection.
  • :eyes: When you launch the other program after making changes, are the tracks/playlist or folders converted correctly in the destination app?

What I’m focusing on next:

  • :alarm_clock: Importing/Exporting all the fields correctly.
  • :alarm_clock: Connecting the rest of the Preferences.
  • :alarm_clock: Support for tracks on external drives.

Hi Damien,

I’m looking forward to the Windows release. Is there a trial Key that I can use to check out already some things? Working for two weeks or something?

And in the past there was a Roadmap on Trello, but that is gone? Is there something else where I can see what you or working on?

Look like a great product so hopefully I can test.



Hi, as soon as I expand any playlist in the rekordbox section the app crashes.

Good Afternoon,

While I have Rekord Buddy open, I’m getting an update alert. When I attempt to install I get an error “Update Error!” “An error occurred while downloading the update. Please try again later.”

This has happened 5 times this afternoon alone. It’s attempting to install 2.1beta (623).

Is there something I should be doing?


Kevin Brown

The update process as not yet been hooked in to the newer beta programme. You will need to download it manually for now…

Can you zip up your rekordbox.xml file and DM it to me? It could be something I’m not handling correctly.

There is not specific trial key. All users with a regular license can try the beta and currently each beta build expires after two weeks.

I plan on bringing this back in one form or another. I haven’t figured out how exactly but I want to bring it back.

Are you having this problem in the beta build this post is related to or in the regular Rekord Buddy app?

i cant even open 623 at all now, says out of date

same got the message that the beta is expired.

Bêtas expires after 2 weeks. That is normal behavior.

I was now able to update to the new Beta, but I see no way to load music files into it. Am I missing something?

Just like other version of Rekord Buddy, you can add tracks to the library by getting them from other libraries. The way you do this has changed though. Now you can just drag and drop tracks or playlists from library to library.

@astromech is working on the new manual which should be available (as a first draft) shortly. It will be linked to via the help menu in the app itself.

I still using an old beta (about 1 year old) and still works. This beta has still the concept “import all from XXX / export all to XXX”. The “new” betas expires?

Correct. The beta you are using is what we currently call the ‘stable’ beta and the latest version is always available in the topic named ‘Where is the latest beta’.

This announcement relates to the up and coming beta which is considered unstable at this point and which does expire after 15 days.

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any link for this? im looking for a solid working beta that can work and stay open.

Hi there,

You can find a stable version here.

I was never able to load music in this Beta. Also, I got a message stating that I could only use it for 14 days. I now have no working version of the software. Can someone please assist me with this?


Kevin Brown

See the post just before yours…