Rekord Buddy 2.1beta (617) is available. 🎉

Rekord Buddy 2.1beta (617) is available for download. This took me a little longer than I anticipated because I had to figure out some code that was not written by me originally. This will be useful in the long run though as I now have a pretty good handle on what was previously some dark corners of the code. Will make future fixes faster.

Like the one before, the new beta is available for download here. You can just overwrite the previous build with this one.

Before you rush to get your hands on it, keep in mind the following:

  • :bangbang: This is macOS only at the moment.
  • :bangbang: It’s a very very early beta, things may not work at all. That’s the point of the beta, finding issues and problems.
  • :bangbang: Don’t report problems that are in the known issues below.
  • :bangbang: If you find a problem, post about it in this section of the forums (public beta), put the version number in the topic name and explain how you triggered the problem. One topic per issue please. If you have a similar issue as someone else, post in their thread and say ‘me too’!
  • :bangbang: If you have an opened issue, please try this build and update your issue to let me know if it is still happening or not.
  • :bangbang: I may not be able to fix your issue right away. Don’t be mad.

Fixed since the last release:

  • :white_check_mark: Serato crates that contain both tracks and sub crates are now parsed correctly as a separate playlist and folder of the same name.
  • :white_check_mark: rekordbox collection now loads without restarting the app after drag and dropping a new XML file.
  • :white_check_mark: Some malformed tags won’t cause the app to crash.
  • :white_check_mark: Disc Number is now imported and exported for the programs that support it (it’s not editable or displayed in the app yet).
  • :white_check_mark: Removed the dummy ‘Clone’ menu option for now.
  • :white_check_mark: Removed the dummy ‘Add Smart Playlist’ option for now.
  • :white_check_mark: Hovering on a collection shows the volume name.
  • :white_check_mark: Fixed renaming playlist crash.
  • :white_check_mark: Folder can be renamed too now.
  • :white_check_mark: Public beta builds now last 14 days.
  • :white_check_mark: Crash logs will now symbolicate properly and the Apple dialog should stay away when a crash happens.

Known issues:

  • :x: This only works with tracks located on your home drive right now.
  • :x: Preferences are NOT connected to anything right now.
  • :x: The auto-updater for the app doesn’t work.
  • :x: Dragging a new rekordbox collection doesn’t cause it to update in the app, although it does update it on disc.
  • :x: Grouping, Record Label and mix name may not import correctly.

What you should focus on testing for this release:

  • :eyes: Drag and dropping tracks/playlist or folders between collections.
  • :eyes: Do the tracks/playlist or folders get copied correctly in the other collection.
  • :eyes: When you launch the other program after making changes, are the tracks/playlist or folders converted correctly in the destination app?

What I’m focusing on next:

  • :alarm_clock: Importing/Exporting all the fields correctly.
  • :alarm_clock: Connecting the Preferences.
  • :alarm_clock: Support for tracks on external drives.
  • :alarm_clock: Plug the auto-updater back in.

this means, the whole new workflow (drag and drop from one library to another) doesn’t work with tracks located on a different mounted partition? I have two partitions on my mac, one for music and one for the os, programs and the rest.

For the time being (meaning this is only temporary) you can only drag tracks that are on the same drive as the Record Buddy or Serato collection is. Traktor and rekordbox don’t care since there is only one collection stored for those.

But in Record Buddy and Serato, you can’t drag a track from an external drive’s collection onto the home drive’s collection. For now.

So the new version doesn‘t work for my setup? Actually I only would use rekordbuddy to copy tracks/playlists from traktor to rekordbox, no rekordbuddy library between.

Traktor and rekordbox don’t care about drive location as they only have one collection on the home drive.

Even in Serato’s case, as long as your music is on the same drive then Serato would create a collection just for that drive (that’s how Serato works).

The only thing that the current beta won’t let you do is to drag tracks from the music partition to Rekord Buddy’s collection (which is on the home drive right now).

At any rate, keep in mind this is not a ‘new’ version. It’s a beta we are currently testing.

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Hi all, I’ve been running v2.0.22 for a long time now, I assume all dev time is going into 2.1. However my version is not without its own quirks.

If I start using the public beta for 2.1 what are the pros and cons from moving away from an older (yet potentially more stable) version of Rekord Buddy. Will I lose all my old data, for example custom tags.

  • Custom tags (Rekord Buddy Tags that is) are written into the track file so those should stick around.
  • There probably won’t be a migration path for the Rekord Buddy database from 2.0 to 2.1. That’s because migrating would take as long to perform as to re-import from another program (Serato, rekordbox, etc…) so it may not be worth it,
  • I’m not sure that playlist organizing will make it into the shipping 2.1 and may be restored in 2.2. This would be so that I can ship 2.1 faster and have stable macOS and Windows builds quicker.

That’s the line of thinking at the moment.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly Damien.

Just so I’m clear - You’re suggesting that if I were to start using 2.1 - I would be best off having an up to date library (let’s say Serato) within which my tracks retain their tagging done in 2.0.

Then to get the ball rolling after I install 2.1 I simply import my Serato library? All tags will replicate etc.

I’ve been creating nested tags (for example ‘genre:house’ or ‘type:vocal’) which have proved very useful for me when it comes to building my library structure out in Rekord Buddy before exporting to Serato and Traktor. Will nested tags still be part of 2.1?

Correct. The problem right now this moment is that I’m in between two versions of the 2.1beta so things are in a little bit of limbo until I can replace the current 2.1. beta with the new one (that is, when the new one is stable enough).

As I mentioned, 2.0 writes Rekord Buddy tags in the track file so those will be back in 2.1 for sure. If, for whatever reason, people have issues with gettings their tags back from track files when the final 2.1 is out I will write a tool to get them back from your old 2.0 library. I promise.

Hi Damien,

Can you help me to update my Rekord Buddy…. It runs von v2.1.0beta(557)

And i can’t update it.

I downloaded the new beta version, but it dosen’t run.

Hope you can help me.

There’s no upgrade path from 557 to 617. They’re separate beta branches for now.

Thanks again for getting back to me so quickly Damien. So I think when you’re happy with the stability of your latest version of 2.1 I’m going to give it a go. Very excited to see the work you’ve been doing!

Rekord Buddy has become a fundamental component to my DJ workflow so thank you for creating and continuing to develop this invaluable tool!

I downloaded the version from this post. But it doesn’t run. @damien
I became this info:

I have the same problem and now my license doesn’t work anymore. It’s an expensive piece of software that doesn’t do what it’s supposed to.

+1 for this error notification

The current stable beta, is and will always be here. This is the latest build and updates with that build will work again once the next build is available. You’re not missing out on anything if you have that build.

Builds with version 600+ and above are currently research builds that do expire. I have to provide a new build once those expire and this is completely normal and expected behavior. Since those builds are not considered as stable I prefer not to have them last in the wild too long. I’m working toward merging these two so that the 600+ builds will become the official beta builds. This will make things easier for everyone to follow.

Now is probably a good time to remind everyone that beta builds are designed for you guys to help me with finding issues and bugs before final release. There’s no contract that says I will release those at a regular schedule or that they will even keep on working, otherwise they would just be regular builds and that would defeat the purpose. As I’ve said before, I’m doing my best.

Finally, can I point out that there actually was an existing thread with explanations regarding this. Make sure you guys scan for threads/topics as they may help you figure out problems you may be having.

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