Rekord Buddy 2.1

My Rekord Buddy Version: →Rekord Buddy 2.1

My OS Version: →macOS Mojave ver10.14.6

Steps required to reproduce the problem:

After updating to Rekord Buddy 2.1,
the software does not recognize the license key even if I enter the license key.

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What I expected to happen:
After updating to Rekord Buddy 2.1, the software will start even if you enter the license key.

What actually happens instead:

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  • Always try to make your topic title descriptive. ‘Rekord Buddy 2.1’ is the name and version of the app, not a description of the issue you are having. If everyone did like you, we would just have topics named ‘Rekord Buddy’ in the forum and that wouldn’t be very useful.
  • Always check for existing topics before posting a new one. That was everyone can reply in one place and I don’t have to post the same thing multiple times. Saves everyone time.

I believe the licensing issue is fixed in 2.1.4. You can check the original thread on how to update to the latest build.

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