Rekord Buddy 2.1 Beta crashing on opening

I was running a sync, and Rekord Buddy was hanging excessively long (I can’t recall if it was syncing from Traktor or to Serato), so I killed it with a hard quit. When I went to re-open and try to run my sync again about half an hour later, it wouldn’t open at all. I’ve tried restarting my machine, option-starting the app, and re-installing the app completely, but no luck.

It’s been a week, and I can’t figure out how get RB to cooperate with my machine at all. Are there any prefs or anything at all I can remove from my computer to do a clean re-install? I’ve been using it as a part of my workflow for about a year now, and it’s been so vital. Would hate to be without it moving forward.

Clean installs won’t really make a difference here as most likely it’s a database corruption issue. I’ve seen these with the old 2.1 code base but given that the new one is just around the corner, I don’t think I’ll have a chance to investigate it.

Have you tried resetting your database?

I have. It always launches with the Problem Report dialogue first which asks to send a report, followed by the splash screen, then the Problem Report dialogue reading “Rekord Buddy 2 Beta quit unexpectedly.”

UPDATE: I managed to get the reset working. Turns out I had to hold alt just a second longer after the first dialogue!

That sounds like a bug bungled you got it sorted out for the time being.