Rekord Buddy 2.1 Beta Build 617 Expired

When attempting to install Beta 613 or 617, I’m receiving a message that says the beta build has expired. Please visit the website to download a more recent beta. Or update to the latest stable release.

Am I missing something? Isn’t 617 the latest? I’m not sure how to even go back to retrieve the latest stable release. Anyone else having this issue.

need help! Thanks!!

having the same issue

The 613+ betas are unstable builds that I’m working on in order for them to replace the current ‘stable’ 2.1 beta. I think I should have made that clearer from the start, that’s my bad.

So the stable beta is here and will always be here no matter what.

The builds that I post somewhere else (613-617 for example) are, for the time being, research builds so that I can get feedback in order for them to become the official beta. Once that’s happens, there will only be one ‘beta’. Those builds do expire and that’s normal as I don’t want research builds to be kept around for too long, especially if the auto-update is current not working on those.

I’m sorry for the confusion, it’s my bad for getting caught up in getting builds out (finally! I was so excited) and not making this clear.

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