Rekord Buddy 2.0 crashed and now it won't load

Rekord Buddy 2.0.26

MacOS Mojave 10.14.6

Steps required to reproduce the problem:

  1. Updating RekordBox tracks from Serato after having to do a hard drive re-organization
  2. Rekord Buddy locked up, so I had to Force Quit it.
  3. Every time I try and open it, it gives the “we found a critical bug” notification

What I expected to happen:

For it to reboot without issue.

What actually happens instead:

Step 3 has happened multiple times.

First step, let’s get you to the latest version which is 2.0.29. You can find the link in your previous purchases on the website.

Next, try to reset your database by holding the command key while launching the app. If that still doesn’t work, just delete your Rekord Buddy folder in the Music directory and then relaunch.

Let me know if that works.

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Maybe I’m just a Mac noob, but I can’t find the Music directory in the Finder. Is that where I am supposed to look for it? I tried opening Rekord Buddy while holding the Command key down and I still got the same fault message.

Thanks for your help, Damien!


No problem. The Music folder should be located in your user directory.

In a finder window you may even see a link to it in the left sidebar of the window.

If you can’t find it, right click on Go in the finder menu then select Go to Folder and enter ~/Music and that should take you to it.

Deleting the music library and then reinstalling it worked!

Thanks, Damien!

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I’ve done both of these steps, but it will not launch… When I click on the application, the loading screen comes up and then it crashes… please help I have a ton of gigs this month!

I get the loading/ “warming up the vinyl press” and then CRASH

Hi I am having these issues too. I tried to reinstall to see if that would fix it, but now when I go to open it states ’ Rekord Buddy 2” can’t be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software.’.

Hey guys, you’re replying to an unrelated topic about an old version (2.0). Check out this post for some tips on posting when asking for help.

@dylangriebell your issue is currently investigated in this topic.

@jameslewe Your issue is explained both in the manual and in this topic. Please make a little effort to search before posting :slight_smile:

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