Rekord Buddy 2.0.29 crashing during file x fer

I bought RB in July 2018, when I opened it ( haven’t used in 7 months) I see there is an upgrade. When I try to upgrade I install and relaunch then get the message" For security reasons updates that downgrade version of the app are not allowed. Refusing to downgrade app from 569 to 2.1.32 update. Aborting update" I also upgraded my OS to 10.14.6.

So I skip upgrading and save a new crate in Serato save Serato close, then open Reckord Buddy and hit the sync. I get the import everything from Serato checked force import/export it parses 1997 tracks, all I did was add a crate of 25 tracks. Then I get the message
Something wonderful has happened, you found a critical bug.

Do I need to buy a newer version of RBuddy? Or is there something else wrong?

Plz advize I have to fly overseas and need to update my USB sticks.

The upgrade message is something I need to look into. I recently modified the numbering scheme for the versions of the app and it’s getting confused.

You can always download the latest build of the app by going in your account on the website (not here on the forums but the main site). The main page should be a list of your Previous Purchases. Then you should see a link called Invoices and Downloads.

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