Rekord Buddy 1.0 will stop working soon

So, this sucks. The certificate used to sign Rekord Buddy 1.0 on the App Store is about to expire. This is how macOS determines that the app is from a valid developer. When this expires, 1.0 will probably stop working.

Problem is, 1.0 hasn’t been officially supported in years, it’s codebase no longer compiles with the latest version of Apple’s Xcode and even if it did, the app is no longer on the App Store which means I can’t distribute updates anymore. To make things worse, because it’s from the App Store, I don’t have a list of customers that I can use to provide upgrade paths to 2.0 or 2.1.


I’ll use this thread to post updates regarding this. I have no idea what the solution is right now but I want to try and figure something out if I can. Stay tuned.

I remember you handling this properly when you first released RB 2.0 so while it would be nice to extend to users who did not adopt the new version I don’t think anyone can/will accuse you of leaving anyone out in the cold. Furthermore most who use Apple products know how big daddy Apple works which is one of the many advantages of dealing with Apple users only.

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Thank you for the kind words. It means a lot.

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