Regarding the new privacy policy

Well… If you are a Rekord Buddy 2 customer you didn’t escape the email that was sent out early today regarding the new Privacy Policy that goes into effect today. I thought I’d be the only one doing this but as it turns out, everyone is doing it… :joy:

Of course this all comes from the new GDRP law that comes into effect today in Europe. The law in itself is a good thing and as far as Next Audio is concerned it did not change the way we were treating your data. The main changes were that we now have it spelled out in one easily accessible document and that I now have to pay someone in Europe to be my representent for GDRP related enquiries. Fun fun fun.

I’m opening this topic to discuss this and answer any questions you might have on the subject. I’m not a lawyer but I’ll try my best to address any concerns.

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