Record Buddy Won't Load/Open

Below is a screen shot of the message when trying to open Rekord Buddy 2. I’m using MacBook Pro 15 (2018). Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks for the screenshot. A picture is worth a thousand words :slight_smile:

You may have found a unknown issue but I notice that you’re not running the latest build of Rekord Buddy. Let’s try and update to the latest and then see if you still see the problem.

You can find more info about downloading the latest build of Rekord Buddy in this entry in the manual.

I caught up to your duplicate DMs so it seems like you’ve already upgraded to the latest version.

I’ve just posted a new build 2.1.41 which addresses one of the issues your app reported back to me. Let’s update one more time and if you still see the message when you open the app, let’s go ahead and reset your database like you started doing before.

Thanks, I’ll do so when I get off work later this evening and update you with the results.

Hi Damien, below is a screen shot of the up date. After updating, I’m still having the same issue. I then tried to reset Rekord Buddy, but it’s telling me that the key is wrong. I copied and pasted the keys to make sure the keys are correct. I’ll DM you a screen shot of the keys and the message. Please let me know. had to delete and re post this.

I see your new error report. Can you check and see if ~Music/iTunes/iTunes Music Library.xml is really an xml file? Rekord Buddy seems to think it’s a file folder.

Hi Damien, You are right, it’s a folder, not .xml. I don’t think I have iTune on this macBook Pro. I’m running Catalina, and I only have Apple Music, which I don’t use. Before that, don’t really us iTune. Below is a screen shot of it.

How is that a folder??? That is so weird… :exploding_head: I have no idea what would have caused this.

I’ll put a fix in 2.1.42 which I’ll try to ship tomorrow or Wednesday.

I just posted 2.1.42. Give it a try and let me know if it helps.

Hi Damien,
Just updated and it now worked. Thanks for all the time(s) you are putting this software/program to make it better.

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Thanks for all the hard work you’re putting into this software/program to make it better. I’ve updated and it lunched just fine. Will tried to work with it and let you know if issues come up.

Glad to hear it. Thank you for your help and patience with this issue.

I’m always here if you need me, just open a new topic if it’s not related to this one.