Recent versions of rekordbox don’t seem to import changes from the XML

I’m posting this to find out if you guys are seeing this or not. This right now seem verified in rekordbox 5.6.1 but it might have appeared in earlier versions.

Short story is, rekordbox doesn’t seem to import changes to a track’s metadata if the track already exists in the collection.

If some of you (technically minded) could try the following steps, just to confirm that I’m not crazy, and let me know if you can reproduce this.

  • Export a rekordbox collection to XML somewhere.
  • Edit the XML and change one attribute of a track in there (maybe TrackNumber, Title or something) and save the file.
  • Point the XML bridge at that file and click on the reload button in the collection sidebar for the XML bridge.
  • Find that track in the bridge and choose import to collection.
  • Say yes when it asks you if you want to overwrite the metadata for the track.

Can you see your change in the collection now? I can’t.

This is confirmed by my contacts at Pioneer and by others on the Pioneer forums. It seems to be only in rekordbox 5.6.1.

They are working on a fix.

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This looks fixed in rekordbox 5.7.0.

If someone can confirm this too that would be great.

I checked on 5.7.0 but still have to remove the tracks from the collection first.

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Thanks for the update @bigkiwi. It seemed to work for me but I’ll give it another try to make sure.

I am still using beta 557 so maybe thats the reason?

Oh yeah… that could be it.

This is still present in rekordbox 5.8.4.

The current workaround is to import tracks from the Rekordbox xml separately from the playlists. Basically importing playlists won’t update the track metadata but only the playlists. Importing a track from the xml will update the track’s metadata.

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