RB2 Beta not syncing folders from Rekordbox to Serato

Rekord Buddy Beta version 2.1.0 (554)
Rekordbox: 5.2.3
Serato: 2.0.3

I’ve created a folder in rekordbox with a playlist with 3 songs, RB2 see’s this but does not sync to Serato, this is true for the full 2 version of RB and also the beta


removed the folder and moved the TEST playlist to the main one and that’s not sync’d either. Not sure if there’s an extra step I’m missing

Let me try and replicate this here, I haven’t seen this before…

Thanks Damien!

Jay (On The Rise)

This seems to work fine here. Is it possible that you are not exporting your new changes in rekordbox before importing them in Rekord Buddy?

Hey Damien, here is a video of what I’m doing:

It’s getting a bit confusing to double post in two separate threads. I replied to you in the other thread. I think you’re not exporting your changes to Serato.

Hi Damien My name is Dj Zazà, I am already in contact with Dan, I have the problem with Serato towards Traktor, I have a problem exporting my playlists to Traktor, at the beginning everything worked then I restored the mac, and when I reinstalled everything and tried to synchronize the library again, every time I open Traktor tells me that my library is unreadable and creates a new one. even with the beta version everything is fine but after the opening of Traktor all my library is gone. On Rekordbox it is displayed normally. I do not know what else to try, I do not want to be there to redo all the playlists manually. I forgot at the end comes a warning message on Traktor metadata, I will post a screen to give you more details Thanks in advance for support.

Hi Zazà,

Welcome the forums. Here are a few things that will help you in getting help the most efficient way:

  • If you are already talking to Dan regarding this then you don’t need to cross-post here too as this will make things confusing and hard to keep track of.
  • Don’t just post an issue by replying to an existing issue unless the issue is the same. For example, you are posting here about Serato->Traktor in a thread that’s about rekordbox->Serato. I’m sure you can see how this can also become confusing very quickly. It’s better to open a separate topic if the issue is separate.
  • Check the category you post in. This category is for the current public beta build of Rekord Buddy. If your issue is related to the regular build then it should be addressed in the Community Support category, not here.

Hope this helps.

Hi Damien, I managed to solve through an old discussion on the NI forum, I had to use Sublimetext, now I see the playlists in Traktor, I hope that when I update the playlists on Serato I do not have to repeat the same procedure. Thanks for the reply.

This is where starting your own thread in the right topic instead of replying to an un-related thread would have been a great idea :grinning: you could have linked to your solution in your own thread and helped others too. Don’t forget next time!

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