Rb 2.0 download

Cheers. I’ve been a user of Rekord Buddy 2 for a while but hadn’t used it in a bit when I downloaded the current version and upgraded (the 2.0 version was overwritten with 2.1.xx). Unfortunately I was unaware of the drop to tag function loss in the new build. I see in the FAQ that it should return in a later build, but it there any way to acquire a download to a 2.0 version? I recognize you aren’t keeping an active download for support reasons, but the tagging system was one of the top features for me and I certainly wouldn’t have downloaded the upgrade should I have known I would be losing that important functionality. I have a .dmg installer for an older version but it doesn’t connect or register when I try it. Thanks for the great program and thanks for any help with this.

There is an unsupported legacy 2.0 build available for macOS 10.10 and 10.11 users but if you’re using a more recent version of macOS then 2.1 is the only choice right now. I’m working as fast as I can to bring the functionality back though. I use it a lot too :slight_smile:

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