Protect Traktor Database

Why did you exclude “Protect Traktor Database” function. This one was great. I use to lock all tracks after i analyze them. Now If i want to sync my collection from Rekordbox with Traktor, all is gone. And because, in Traktor, all my tracks was replaced, it’s a big headache. In my opinion when i update a app, means that something new and good it will gonna happend with that app. Not in this case. Sience i bought Rekordbuddy, is worse. I don’t want to upset you, i know that you work hard for this, but try to keep what’s good into this app.

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I think you mis-understood how ‘protect’ worked before. Protect Traktor would prevent Rekord Buddy from updating Traktor altogether. If you want to do the same thing, don’t export to Traktor.

So to explain another way, when you has ‘protect Traktor’ on before, you were not updating Traktor.

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