Problems with Serato - RekordBuddy RekordBox Workflow

I was running a Serato to RekordBuddy to Rekordbox workflow fine up until either, I upgraded to a new mac and Catalina OR since I started getting the cannot connect to server info when trying to open rekordBuddy .

After looking into this I see that for some reason when I add tracks and a new crate so Serato then open rekordBuddy to copy the new files to RekordBox, RekordBuddy sjhows me TWO Serato’s ( one is now on my main hardDrive and the other is on my External Drive which is WHERE I want to have the database. If I delete the Serato on my main Drive RekordBuddy still lists two Serato databases how can I fix this as it is causing nightmares for me

Any help?

Ok I see the Serato problem, I renamed old Serato database so now Serato sees database on external drive.

Now when I open RecordBuddy RekordBox points to wrong xml file ( see SECOND screenshot )
RBox points to the wrong drive.

By default rekordbuddy points to the rekordbox.xml file on the main drive, I f I rename that xml file it creates a new one. How CN I GET RECORD BUDDY TO WORK CORRECTLY???

How do I get RekordBuddy to point to the correct location of my Rekordbox files which is FIRST screenshot