Problems with payments on the site

I’ve been getting a few reports of people having problems using their credit cards to pay on the website when purchasing the app. All our payments are processed by PayPal so we never get to see or process your credit card number (and that’s a good thing) but it makes issues like this very hard to investigate.

If you are having this problem and are willing to help, could you contact PayPal to try and figure out why your credit card is denied. I’ll offer discount codes on a Rekord Buddy purchase for anyone who can DM me on here with some answers regarding this.

Note that the reason I’m asking for customers’ help us because more often than not we don’t even see those purchase attempt show up in our logs so I’ve got nothing to start from when contacting PayPal myself.

If they are customers not located within your country, PayPal can have issues paying via card. However, these issues are negated when paying with PayPal balance instead.

It’s odd because it’s only a small number of people that seems to be affected. I’m trying to figure out what the common point it in case there’s something I can do on my end.

If you do, let me know. I run into the same issue consistently when accepting payments from Reverb sales or buying records from Juno.

I tried using three different credit cards. Each time the card was validated (green check mark), then I got a message that said the credit card number we incorrect. Seems there’s something broken to me.

@ammonhaggerty would you be able to contact Paypal and ask them if they see any issue on their end or can explain the issue?

As I explained here, this only happens to a few people and I don’t see any record of the failed transaction on my end so it never makes it out of paypal.

I’ll provide a 50% discount to you for helping out and getting some more info.

That was painful. I created a Paypal account using my credit card details to successfully purchase the software.

I found a leftover stripe integration bit on the website (the old credit card payment system I used before paypal). Maybe that had something to do with it?

No one stepped forward to help with this so it’s hard for me to solve something that I can’t reproduce.

If someone still see this issue and can help, let me know.

Payments are switching from Paypal to Stripe today, in preparation for subscriptions. Let me know here if anyone notices issues.

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