Problem with serial code

hi, i have a problem with software installation. When I try to enter the serial code, I get a screen saying that the serial code has been used on too many computers. It is not possible, the only device is the one I am writing from, which has only been reset. Can you help me?

Adminnnnnnn !!! help me please !

You can actually reset your authorizations yourself via your account.

The website now has a one-click ‘reset all my auths’ button on your license screen. I’m about to update the manual to reflect this too.

Speaking of manual, it’s always a good place to start to look for information.

ok I reset everything, but now I get a screen saying “Can’t authorize rekordbuddy 2, your app receipt is invalid”
what can I do?

If this is related to this existing topic then I’m actively working on it as we speak and will post updates in the topic itself.