Problem with new rekordbox

Hi everyone,

Using the Windows link just posted for the beta. When I try and do the XML process so it shows in RekordBuddy I’m getting this:


Also my default location is showing as this for XML:

I’m using the latest version of Rekordbox as it now has XML. Is it not possible for this to work with it and I need to use older version?


I’ve moved your message to a new thread because posting issues to an announcement thread makes it impossible to follow thru on issues. It would end up being a forum with one thread.

Pioneer changed the name of their company in the XML file. I will fix this on my end.

I’ve just updated the transition build to handle this. Since you are on Windows, you’ll have to wait until I post new free builds but hopefully I can get around to that this week.

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Cheers mate.

By doing the fix the lads said in the other thread and changing XML name to Pioneer DJ it is now allowing me to add the XML to Rekordbuddy for Rekordbox.

Should I still hold off until you make you’re new windows build as I’m getting a DDJ 1000 for Christmas so just need to move my songs from Serato to Rekordbox by then.


Hello both.

I had a similar issue, which I replaced AlphaTheta with Pioneer DJ, but now when I copy my xml into rekordbuddy, clicking any playlist or all tracks shows blank and rekord buddy suddenly stops responding. Have you had a similar issue @DurtyDean?


I’m having the same issue on mac. I just downloaded the latest rekord buddy release. Did you say you fixed the issue?

Open the XML, replace Alpha Theta with Pioneer DJ