Problem upgrading license

I attempted to purchase the 9.00 upgrade with the 20.00 processing fee. the 29.00 came out my bank account, but the history shows 20.00 being taken out but not the 9.00. it mentioned something about a timing error…didnt get a screen shot…I didnt see a simular post…
I have OSX 10.11.6 on a macbook pro

You actually had two upgrade that have failed. I refunded both of those for now.

Let me look at why this is happening and get back to you.

It looks to be an issue with the third party system I use to handle the online store. I’ve reported this to them an await their fix or solution.

In the meantime, don’t worry, your current license can still be used for any current version of Rekord Buddy so you’re not missing out on anything.

i tried to open rekord buddy it gives me the errror: “Your app receipt is invalid…”

Also how do I move application to a new computer?

I think you’re posting in the wrong thread. Have you looked at this existing thread for starters?

Moving the app to another computer is just as easy as downloading the installer and re-installing on the other computer. If you’ve used up all your authorisations for you license you can reset them in your account.

Actually it was placed here because you stated that my current licenses was still valid and that was the error message I got when I tried to open it…but the thread you referenced helped…thanks

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The upgrade issue is a problem with the third party store code that the website uses. They are looking into it.