Problem selecting/deleting playlists

hey, im testing latest beta. There is an issue with group selecting playlist holding shift or command.

also, it doesn’t deleting the playlists if you selected more than one.

I moved your posts to their own topic since they were not related to the thread you posted in originally. It’s easier that way to keep one thread per issue so replies don’t get lost.

Let me look at this. It could be an existing bug in the beta.

Will it be fixed?

Absolutely. It’s on my list and I just need to make sure I can reproduce the problem and then look at why this is happening.

I will post here if I have more questions to help me out.

I found the issue with crates deletion and I’m working on a fix now.

@Zalupa Can you try the latest beta build and tell me if it fixes the multiple deletion bug?

If so, then we can move onto your selection issue. Tell me more about it and also tell me what platform you are on (macOS or Windows).