Problem launching the app

Hey, I have an new issue with the software.
I’m on Calatina and when I open it it’s still running on the first screen but it’s never going through.
Where ca I find the latest update please?


Hey @sunphilips, new issue new topic. That’s better than replying to an unrelated topic (the one you replied to was related to a crash).

What do you mean by ‘never going through’? The app doesn’t open?

You can always find the latest build by logging in to your account on the website and go to ‘Previous Purchases’ under the link ‘View Details and Downloads’ and then ‘Purchases’ at the bottom.

The App doesn’t open.
Please see the screenshot below. It stays like that.
I did download again to have latest version but still the same


That’s odd. It looks like the progress bar doesn’t even move in the dialog.

Let me put together a bug fix build with more info to try and find out where it gets stuck in your case.

Thanks so much.

Progress bar loads actually ones and there is a second time where the progree bar it supposes to log.
And then it doesn’t move anymore.

Hope it makes sense.

It sounds like it gets stuck somewhere. I just have to figure out where and why this is only happening to you.

I’m putting together a build to get me more info, in the meantime, try renaming your Rekord Buddy folder inside your Music folder and launch the app. This will allow us to see if it’s somehow related to maybe some corruption in your database or something.

I changed the folder name and it’s working now.
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I’ve the same problem, but the work around is not working for me…

strange. any ideas?

@eskei83 That’s not the same problem. You have an unexpected issue that’s detected.

I can take a look at the logs on my end as soon as I have the Windows beta out this week.

Same here. Got that message and the app is hanging when open again.

Stay tuned. I’ll take a look at the logs as soon as I get a chance.

@eskei83 Can you take a look in the Music/iTunes folder and let me know if iTunes Music Library.xml is a file or a directory in your case?

@thomiz.t You have multiple issues logged, some using the beta build which we will ignore for now. One issue seems similar to @eskei83 although it happens on track file instead of the iTunes XML. I’m putting together a build to get more information directly from your setup. It looks like folders are where files should be, which is odd. Stay tuned.

Any update on this?