Please help - links are down and I need latest free beta installer for Mac / DMG urgently

Please help guys!

I have a gig in 2 hours… i cant open Rekordbuddy… authorisation error. And I see the nextaudio domain is down.

Does anyone out there) have an alternative link to the latest free installer for Mac?? I assume this will resolve the issue as it wont look for authorisation.

Or could anyone upload it for me and send a link!?

Please guys. desperate here!!


Same problem here.

Paid for my licence in 2019. I’m trying to install in another computer and all the links are broken.

i have posted at length about this everywhere i can, to no end…

see Autorization Failed

options are

  1. wait until damien decides we can use his software again
  2. get ahold of him on social media

option 2 doesnt seem to work for me

if anyones looking, man like @Dalski kindly uploaded the latest mac installer for us: