Playlists won't copy to Rekord buddy

When i try to copy playlists to rekordbuddy i get a message that says

Some of the crates contains tracks that are not on the same volume as the destination collection.This is not supported by Rekord Buddy collections and any such tracks will be skipped.Afterwards no tracks are carried over.
I’m on a mac running Mojave 10. 14

There is an explanation regarding this in the manual.

You will need to create a collection on the same volume the tracks are on and then you’ll be able to drag those tracks on that volume.

If you drag toward a collection like rekordbox or Traktor, this doesn’t matter. With Rekord Buddy or Serato, it does.

Hi I’m having the same issue.
When I right click on Rekord Buddy to create a new collection, it says:

The following volumes do not currently contain a rekord buddy collection. Please select the one you’d like to create a new collection on.

The drop down menu for selection only shows Rekord Buddy 2 as the location. When I click Ok it says:

Error creating Rekord Buddy Collection. Volume Rekord Buddy 2 may be read only.

Please advise I bought this software last week and still haven’t been able to transfer my rekordbox music to serato.

Volume Rekord Buddy 2 seems to indicate you are trying to create a collection on the installer volume? Or do you have an external drive named ‘Rekord Buddy 2’ also?

I do not have an external drive named rekord buddy 2, so it must be the first issue. How would I change it from creating the collection on the installer volume?

Is it only showing you the Rekord Buddy 2 volume as an option? It should be letting you select between all the available external volumes.