Playlists that I sync in rekord buddy suddenly stopped showing in record box

Rekord buddy 2.1

macOS 10.14.5

rekord buddy has been working fine for months then all of a sudden when I sync playlists from Serato into rekord buddy then into rekord box it doesn’t show up in rekord box.
ive updated all of the softwares but still get the same problem.

need help asap pls as I have multiple gigs coming up

Do you see the change in the rekordbox xml section at all?

nope nothings come up in the rekordbox xml section

Like nothing at all or no changes?

the old crates are there but there’s no changes

Ok we need to figure out if the XML file gets modified or not during your export in Rekord Buddy. If you delete or rename the file ~/Library/Pioneer/rekordbox/rekordbox.xml and then re-export, does the file get re-created? Does it then contain the crates that you see in Rekord Buddy?

I never heard back. Please update here if you are still getting the issue with the latest version of Rekord Buddy.

I am having the issue and it started after the previous update - not the latest. I was hoping the latest would correct it but it didn’t. I have tried everything and watched all videos I could find and I still not able to make it work.

You never replied to the questions I had in my post from July17th though. Do you want to pick it up from there? It will help me help you :slight_smile:

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