Playlists not synced again when sync is pressed

Rekordbuddy 2.0.22

OSX 10.13.3

I did the inital sync on my new computer, all went well.
I made some changes to one of my playlists in traktor and synced rekordbuddy again but no changes were made in the playlists there.

Any way i can fix this?

I have some syncing bugs in 2.0 that have been lingering for a while because I was never able to reproduce them myself. Mostly stuff like you’re describing where updated playlists don’t update in Rekord Buddy.

That’s one of the reasons I’m switching to a different workflow in 2.1 where users can control for themselves what gets imported and what gets exported, making it easier to identify issues like this.

Quickest diagnostic right now would be to try the latest 2.1 beta and see if you see this issue there too. If you don’t I would suggest sticking with the beta as it’s near release and the issues with it have been minimal so far. If you DO see the problem then contact me via support so I can look into it with you and fix it.

Hi Damien,

I see no option to protect the traktor database anymore, is this as intended?

Yes, since now you decide whether you want to export to Traktor or not there is no need to ‘protect’ Traktor. If you don’t want to update it, don’t export to it.

That makes things way simpler.

yeah it works way better now! good work man!

Awesome! Enjoy and open a new topic if you have further issues.