Playlist shows in Rekordbuddy but empty when synced to RekordBox

My Rekord Buddy Version:
v2.0.22 (217)
My OS Version:

High Sierra 10.13.6

Steps required to reproduce the problem:

  1. Playlists are made in Traktor

  2. Playlists Sync with Rekord Buddy

3.All playlists transfer to Rekprdbox

however alot of the playlists are there but empty once in Rekordbox

What I expected to happen:

I want all playlists to transfer from Traktor-RBuddy-RBox

What actually happens instead:

Playlist names transfer but many playlists are empty

Hi. Did you also email support about this?

I think so, from the help page on the app

Just to be sure, did you check the FAQ or the manual on how to bring changes over to rekordbox? There is an extra step required due to the proprietary rekordbox database.

Where is the manual? I am having the same problem. what is the extra step required?


Help menu of the app. It’s a beautiful manual. Made by top people.


I can confirm this! :+1:t2::star_struck::notebook_with_decorative_cover: